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Kung Fu Panda Academy, the new themed area at Gardaland Park

Meet Master Po and his friends to learn and hone your skills to became a Kung Fu Master.

  • Date:27.05.2016
  • Author:Manuela Scopelliti

Follow in the footsteps of the legendary heroes at Kung Fu Panda Academy!
Flex your muscles, adapt your stance, look your adversary in the eye, and prepare to face the incredibly thrilling challenges. Only after you’ve conquered the swoops and spins of the new roller coaster, the Kung Fu Panda Master, will you be ready to become the next Dragon Warrior!
The brand new Kung Fu Panda Master rollercoaster offer a very exciting “rolling” adventure to the whole family! Its smooth and sinuous track and the freedom to rotate on itself of each fun vehicle ensure the perfect compromise between adrenaline and fun. The colourful vehicles each represent one of the Furious Five – Po, Tigress, Mantis, Viper and Crane – and just like them they are free to rotate and move in every direction, facing 180° turns, descents and ascents like great Kung Fu masters. In other words, absolutely everyone will enjoy climbing aboard Kung Fu Panda Master… starting from 110 cm height!
But pay attention on the Pagoda, someone will also teach you the noble art of Kung Fu. If you copy how Po and Tigress move their feet, you will beat all your enemies. At the end of those spins, you will be taking away a great photo!

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