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Kid Pass has become a reference guide for the kid and family-friendly world and, thanks to the attention received by the national mass media, the number of public and private enterprises which have chosen to be present on our portal increases from day to day.

For this reason, we offer to family-concerned ventures and to all the companies embracing our philosophy the opportunity to promote and increase their visibility at affordable prices, thanks to a complete and competitive array of services. These services include the possibility of publishing a banner on our website and that of buying promotional packages or advertorials on our social networks.

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Moreover, Kid Pass is interested in considering proposals from possible sponsors to its programs.

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Kid’s’ Healthy Menu

Kid Pass promotes healthy nutrition for children and pays specific attention to the types of kids’ menu offered by the various companies.
For this reason, we award the Kids’ Healthy Menu icon (our tiny-carrot) for free to the restaurants adopting an overall number of at least 3 nutritional healthy dishes. This way, the restaurant contributes in promoting a healthier nutrition for kids, thus combating obesity and other disease.
Thanks to our nutritionist, we provide companies with expert advice on their offer concerning kids’ healthy menu. The restaurant undertakes to keep 3 healthy dishes in its menu over the course of the year. Dishes may vary but always respecting our code and regulations.
Find on Kid Pass the companies which have been awarded our tiny-carrot.

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