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Città della Scienza

At the 28th edition of Remote Future will open a beautiful permanent exhibition of 1,000 square meters, a fascinating journey that will take us to meet the organisms that live in our seas and which have always been tied to our food and to the world of fishing.

Città della Scienza

Two major exhibitions: YUM - Horizon Sea and Sea, will present interactive installations, aquariums, touch tanks, virtual and augmented reality, new technologies, to charm visitors on a fascinating journey and educational.

From the knowledge of the marine fauna that inhabit our sea we will go to explore the fishing techniques and supply issues related to the consumption of fish. Interactive exhibits and multimedia products will tell us about the characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea, and three large aquariums illustrate both the diversity of life on rocky bottoms than on sandy.
Horizon Sea will address the "hot topics" in the sea of ​​the future, from transportation to climate change, from energy sources to the preservation of ecosystems and discover how research can help to preserve the Mediterranean. In addition to the exhibits and prototypes of the latest generation, a special application will transform visitors into active participants of the exhibition.
In addition, the new workshop of the small welcome all the little ones with the virtual pet BIT. Kids will have fun, learning, in over 500 square meters of educational games, interactive workshops, multimedia apps, playground for children.

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