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Our philosophy

In many cities, the existence of organisations and services which offer kid-friendly treatment is becoming everyday more common also in Italy.
Kid Pass was born with the purpose of putting in contact the best organisations, equipped with dedicated spaces and services, with the adults who want to access them with their children. Kid Pass is the new city guide for discovering the kid-friendly and family-friendly places and events in the main Italian cities.

Our innovative web portal allows to find the closest places easily, by selecting the type of activity and services sought, by means of a dedicated search engine.
The program operates to promote the value of the time spent outside and lived by adults and kids together. In the everyday life, in the free time or during holidays, our commitment is to give value to all those places which offer to children aged 12 and under the opportunity to stay together.
Not only does Kid Pass offers a system of information and promotion but it also aims at actively promoting an inclusive and welcoming attitude towards children in “grown-ups’ places”. Kid Pass promotes the growth of family-friendly reception standards in all sectors, and praises the small initiatives of shops, health centres, public facilities and other services too, for instance, if they are equipped with a play area in the waiting room or with a kit for colouring or playing board games.

Kid Pass has become a reference point both for tourist facilities and for cultural and recreational enterprises addressed to kids, an occasion for sharing a new experience together with parents, grandparents, or teachers.

Sometimes the lack of adequate spaces or a dedicated staff makes the access to places and cultural events by adults and kids together quite complicated. In such cases, in fact, parents either have to give up participating to cultural events and leisure activities or they have to leave their kids with their grandparents or with a baby-sitter.
Together with Kid Pass Culture association, we undertake to promote all those activities able to engage both kids and grownups in culture, art, science, reading, music, history, theatre, cinema, sport, ecology, and multiculturalism by promoting the spaces and the socio-cultural events which offer areas specifically dedicated for playing, reading, and experimenting, where labs, ateliers, shows, animated readings, and many other kid-friendly activities and services can be organised.
Moreover, Kid Pass collects evaluations and ideas from its users, awards the best companies and keeps its network informed about the sector’s best practices. We aim at the highest quality of services and at widening the range of facilities and activities offered, thanks to our interactive structure, which allows users to vote the visited places.
The project thus connects the families living or travelling through the main Italian cities with the facilities which suits them better.


Kid Pass selects the facilities which offer kid-friendly spaces and services in all sectors:


Kid Pass collects information about the services offered from the facilities and then represents these services with easy-recognizable icons.

When selecting the different places, we take into account the specific differences from one sector to another, in some cases praising also those small attentions concerning kids’ treatment , when these are distinctive features in that specific sector.


To all the people visiting the various facilities, Kid Pass offers the opportunity to grade the kid-friendly services, to tiny-hearts.

The owned equipment and the average grade will award the best facilities, which will appear first in the city or sector selected during the web research.

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